Wood Deck Cleaning and Sealing

This is our specialty. We are experts in the restoration and maintenance of decks.

We will begin work by powerwashing your deck to remove all dirt, vegetation, damaged wood fibers and old sealer. Your deck will be treated with a wood cleanser and a wood brightener. Once your deck has had a chance to dry, we will apply a sealer or stain. The sealer/stain will protect the wood from environmental damage and enhance its appearance. Contact us for a free estimate.

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Cleaning, sanding and sealing your brick pavers can greatly extend their life as well as enhance their appearance. Your brick pavers will be cleaned to remove dirt, mold, vegetation and efflorescence (milky white substance on the pavers). After cleaning, the joints will be filled with sand to prevent the pavers from shifting and to help prevent vetegation from growing between the stones. Finally, a gloss sealer will be applied that will lock the sand in place and give your brick pavers a nice sheen.

Composite Deck Cleaning

Deck Detail has been at the forefront of the composite decking revolution. We began working with major composite deck manufacturers over 10 years ago to develop a safe and effective method to clean dirt and mold from all types of composite decking.

Deck Repair

Deck Detail can handle all your major and minor deck repairs. From simple board replacement to deck re-leveling to complete replacement. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Other Services

Deck Detail offers numerous other cleaning services including Houses, Regular and Stamped concrete, playsets pool decks and more...

Deck Maintenance Program

Our deck maintenance programs are what set us apart from the competition. We realize that your deck is a large investment and that with today's busy lifestyles, protecting that investment may slip on your list of priorities. That's where we come in. Place your deck on one of our maintenance programs and we will do all the work. Select our yearly, bi-yearly, or every-three-years program. We will then contact you on the appropriate year and schedule your deck's maintenance. As an added bonus, there is a significant cost savings!